What is Slate?

Slate roofs are made from natural stone that is quarried, split, and cut to size. Each piece of slate is unique with its natural colour, texture and grain.Why choose Slate?Slate is a proven performer in Australian conditions Slates on heritage roofs are still performing brilliantly after 150 years even in Australia’s harsh conditions.Slate has been used on European roofs for centuries and factually has lasted up to 400 years.Slate is non-combustable, and impermeable to water.Slate doesn’t fade in sunlight, is unaffected by extreme changes in temperature.Slate is highly resistant to acids and chemicals, and UV radiation.

Types of Slate

Spanish Slate

NATURAL Spanish slates are renowned worldwide for their hard wearing properties. These slates are of a consistent high quality and uniformity ensuring perfect performance time after time. Spanish slates provide a natural beauty together with peace of mind.Welsh Slate: NATURAL Welsh slate is extracted from some of the world’s finest deposits. Its Natural texture is complimented by the variety of colours available in the range. They can be seen on many buildings that are hundreds of years old.

Fibre Cement Slate

Eternit Slate: Man MadeEternit slates are high quality, lightweight fibre cement roofing slate. Eternit slate provides a waterproof solution to roofing even in cyclonic regions and are recognised as being suitable for the replacement and restoration of historical buildings throughout Australia

Welsh Slate

The Penrhyn Heather Blue slate, also known as Bangor Blue, is one of the most widely used slates. The Penrhyn quarry has been producing roofing slate since the 13th century, and is regarded as being the best in the world. Welsh slate is extracted from some of the world’s finest deposits, formed up to 590 million years ago. Of that extracted only less than 10% is used. They are renowned for the consistency of their colour and texture.

Natural Canadian Slates

Glendyne slate is produced in Quebec,Canada,These slates are dark grey in colour with a smooth finish,this slate has test certificates from france,belgium,north america and uk.

Timber Shakes and Shingles

American terminology for hand split timber would be the shakes,the current species available include ironbark,jarrah,bloodwoods and tallowood,standard specification would be 450mm in length,thickness 11-14mm,width 75-175mm.

The terminology for sawn timber would be the timber shingles.Western red cedar shingles have proven their durability in all climates.the natural effects of ageing and weathering give an attractive silver grey colour in time.

Terracotta Shingles

Koramic clay roof tiles offer maximum durability and optimum colour consistency.Their distinctive clean contemporary look is desirable for heritage buildings or the modern home.